8/4-8/6 & 8/11-8/13/23 Weekend Results & Weekly Points

Homak POPS Weekend Results & Weekly Point Standings

The Homak Penn Ohio Pro Stock Championship Series’ sanctioning tracks had little racing action last weekend as Friday’s (8/11) event at Lernerville rained out just at the pro stocks entered the track for the feature.  The make-up will be this Friday, August 18th.  All of Saturday’s events at sanctioning tracks were postponed due to rain, as well as Sunday’s race at Tri City Raceway.   Hummingbird’s make-up feature and race is rescheduled to August 19th.  The Homak Penn Ohio Series bonus points Ray’s Race at Sharon Speedway is postponed to August 26th.
The prior weekend found pro stock drivers getting lots of racing action at sanctioning events.  Kicking off the weekend on Friday (8/4), pro stock drivers started off with the 7/28 make-up feature at Lernerville followed by regular racing action.  Finding victory lane in the make-up feature was Chris Schneider marking his 3rd Penn Ohio victory in the 2023 season; while, Tyler Dietz raced his way to the win in the 2nd feature to clinch his 7th Penn Ohio victory.  On Saturday, four sanctioning tracks provided racing action for Homak Penn Ohio drivers.  Returing to his home track for the 1st time this season, Brett Hutira was victorious at Latrobe for his 2nd Homak Penn Ohio win.  The Ina Memorial at Hummingbird found Brandon Connor picking up $1,500 and his 7th Homak Penn Ohio victory in 2023.  After finishing 4th in the Ina Memorial, Tyler Dietz raced over to Marion Center to tag the field in their feature event and charged to the front for his 8th Homak Penn Ohio win.  Tim Bish also pulled double duty racing at Hummingbird and Marion Center and finished 3rd in both events.  Bobby Whitling raced his way to victory lane at Sharon Speedway for his 2nd 2023 Homak Penn Ohio win.  Pittsburgh Pennsylvania’s Motor Speedway and Michael’s Mercer Raceway did not host Homak Penn Ohio Pro Stocks on August 5th.  Tri City lost the battle to Mother Nature on Sunday, August 6th.
As drivers get 15 or more races in, the weekly point standings heat up.  Only a driver’s highest 15 race points count. Currently, Timmy Bish is in the top spot with 1,555 points after racing 16 events.  Bish sits just 23 points ahead of Cody Koteles and 29 over Brandon Connor.  Tyler Dietz has 14 races in and is 97 points behind Bish.

Homak Penn Ohio Pro Stock Series
2023 Weekly Points
Rank Total Points # of Races toward points Car # Driver First Name Driver Last Name Total # of Races
1 1555 15 11B Tim Bish 16
2 1532 15 1K Cody Koteles 19
3 1526 15 55 Brandon Connor 18
4 1458 14 00 Tyler Dietz 14
5 1455 15 22 Chase Lambert 16
6 1387 14 84s Joshua Seippel 14
7 1362 15 26 Mike Bordt 15
8 1348 14 J19 Jason Fosnaught 14
9 1344 14 4 Brett Hutira 14
10 1305 14 310 Dale Tuche 14
11 1300 14 27 Jake Dietz 14
12 1230 13 10 Nick Kocuba 13
13 1178 12 7W Bobby Whitling 12
14 885 9 13J Jordan Perkins 9
15 857 9 101 Bruce Hartzfeld 9
16 735 9 M5 Tony Magill 9
17 700 8 12M Scott Malone 8
18 673 7 24 Tyler Wyant 7
19 499 5 23HJR Hunter Exley 5
20 481 5 14 Scott Stiffler 5
21 463 5 5 Jackson Billyk 5
22 449 5 4Jr Jacob Billyk Jr. 5
23 376 4 23 Pat Fielding 4
24 359 4 4 Jacob Billyk 4
25 163 2 79 Tommy Dembowski 2

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