2024 Penn Ohio registration forms & Tentative Touring Schedule

The Penn Ohio Series Member 2024 registration form is now available. There will be 2 point funds in 2024 (one for weekly and one for touring), but only one registration form. Members will need to indicate on the form if participating in the weekly, the touring or both point championships. No points will be awarded to drivers until registration and payment are received by Penn Ohio officials. Currently, verbally committed sanctioning tracks include Latrobe Speedway, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway, Marion City Raceway, Hummingbird Speedway, Lernerville Speedway, Sharon Speedway and Hidden Valley Speedway. Additional tracks may be added.  The below tentative Touring Series schedule is subject to change with possible additions:
Saturday, May 25 – Latrobe Speedway
Saturday, June 8 – Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway (Ed Laboon Memorial)
Saturday, July 20 – Marion Center Raceway
Saturday, August 10 – Hummingbird Speedway (Ina Memorial)
Wednesday, August 21 – Lernerville Speedway
Friday & Saturday, September 6 & 7 – Sharon Speedway (Apple Festival Nationals)