Ray’s Race Results & Next Event Steel Valley 7/15-7/16/22

The 5th Annual Ray’s Race sponsored by Virgile Iron & Steel at Tri City Raceway!
The 5th Annual Ray’s Race sponsored by Virgile Iron & Steel at Tri City Raceway had 25 Homak Penn Ohio Pro Stocks powered by Can-am on hand to battle for the $5,011 big check and earn points for the touring series, as well as bonus points for the weekly series.  The three-day event had drivers hitting the track for practice on Friday, July 1st; qualifying, heat races and a King of the Hill on Saturday; and Ray’s Race Dash for Cash and the 30-lap main event on Sunday.
Group qualifying found Hunter Exley #23HJR as fast qualifier in Group A and fastest qualifier overall with a time of 20.982.  Hunter picked up an extra $100 sponsored by Slider Race Cars for his qualifying efforts.   Curtis J. Bish #29 was fast qualifier in Group B with a 21.132 time; and Chris Schneider #55 was fastest in Group C and 2nd fastest overall with a time of 20.999.
Heat race winners were Tyler Wyant #24, Jason Johns #31, and Schneider.  Each heat winner was awarded an extra $100 sponsored by Hooks Auto.
Rounding out Saturday’s racing action was the Homak Penn Ohio Series powered by Can-am King of the Hill event.  13 cars participated in head-to-head racing to battle for the $500 grand prize and bragging rights.  Two cars per race for two laps with the winner advancing to the next round for a total of four rounds.  Making it to the third round were Curt J. Bish, Hunter Exley, Tim Bish #11B and Dylan Cecce #18*.  Curt Bish prevailed over Exley by .100 and Cecce overpowered Tim Bish to advance to the final round.  A close battle had Cecce crossing the checkers first for the King of the Hill crown and the $500 check.  Curt Bish took home $240 for 2nd and Tim Bish won $120.   Ringgold Plumbing, Heating and Cooling donated $100 for the King of the Hill event.
Kicking off Sunday’s racing action for the Penn Ohio pro stocks was Ray’s Race Dash for Cash.  Eight pro stock drivers who were sponsored by the late Ray Virgile were chosen to battle for $300.  Bobby Whitling parked the 7W Slider Race Car in victory lane after the 8-lap dash.  Tyler Wyant finished 2nd and Curt J. Bish in 3rd.
The 30-lap A Main had the Seneca Slider, Bobby Whitling and King of the Hill, Dylan Cecce leading the 25-car field to the green flag.  Whitling appeared to be the dominating car to beat as he led the first 9 laps.  However, five-time Penn Ohio Point Champion Chris Schneider powered past Whitling to lead lap 10.  Despite five cautions in the remaining 20 laps, Schneider cruised to the win, uncontested, parking his SS Chassis in victory lane to take home the big $5,011 Virgile Iron & Steel check.
Driver prize winners: 
Curtis J. Bish – Hard Charger $200 (sponsored by $100-Last Call and $100-Bish Heating & Cooling)
Chris Schneider – Hoosier Tire Certificate
Chris McGuire – American Racer Tire Certificate
Sonny Baker – Close Racing Supply Certificate
Tyler Wyant – Joe Willcox Performance Automatics Certificate
Jason Fosnaught – Big Daddy’s Speed Center Certificate
Timmy Bish – Big Daddy’s Speed Center Certificate
Heat 1: (Finish-Car #-Name [Start]) 1. 24-Tyler Wyant [2]; 2. 7W-Bobby Whitling [3]; 3. 84s-Joshua Seippel [4]; 4. 23HJR-Hunter Exley [1]; 5. 1R-Rod Laskey [6]; 6. 63-Chris McGuire [5]; 7. 55c-Brandon Connor [7]; 8. 44B-Aden Boozel [9]; 9. 39B-Brayden Seippel (Josh Blum) [8]

Heat 2: (Finish-Car #-Name [Start]) 1. 31-Jason Jones [3]; 2. 22-Chase Lambert [4]; 3. 28-Doug Iorio II [2]; 4. 17-Jackson Humanic [8]; 5. 04-Joe Stajnrajh Jr. [7]; 6. 23-Pat Fielding [5]; 7. 310-Dale Tuche [6]; 8. Curtis J. Bish [1] 
Heat 3: (Finish-Car #-Name [Start]) 1. 55s-Chris Schneider [1]; 2. 11B-Timmy Bish [2]; 3. 18*-Dylan Cecce [3]; 4. J19-Jason Fosnaught [J19]; 5. 21W-Chris Withers [5]; 6. 7B-Mat Bernard [8]; 7. 94B-Sonny Baker [6]; 8. 27-Aaron Smith [7] 

5th Annual Ray’s Race, 30 laps, $5,011 to-win, $200 to start A Main: (Finish-Car #-Name [Start]) 1. 55s-Chris Schneider [3]; 2. 17-Jackson Humanic [11]; 3. 23-Pat Fielding [17]; 4. 29-Curtis J. Bish [23]; 5. J19-Jason Fosnaught [12]; 6. 63-Chris McGuire [16]; 7. 31-Jason Johns [9]; 8. 21W-Chris Withers [15]; 9. 18*-Dylan Cecce [2]; 10. 11B-Timmy Bish [7]; 11. 94B-Sonny Baker [21]; 12. 23HJR-Hunter Exley [10]; 13. 44B-Aden Boozel [22]; 14. 7W-Bobby Whitling [1]; 15. 84s-Joshua Seippel [8]; 16. 28-Doug Iorio II [6]; 17. 22-Chase Lambert [5]; 18. 55c-Brandon Connor [19]; 19. 1R-Rod Laskey [13]; 20. 24-Tyler Wyant [4]; 21. 04-Joe Stajnrajh Jr. [14]; 22. 7B-Matt Bernard [18]; 23. 310-Dale Tuche [20]; 24. 39B-Brayden Seippl (Josh Blum) [25]; 25. 27-Aaron Smith [24]

The Homak Penn Ohio Pro Stock Championship Series will be back in action with the biggest paying race of the season, the $10,000 to win Steel Valley Pro Stock Nationals at Sharon Speedway on Friday, July 15 to Saturday, July 16, 2022.  The event will have open practice on Friday followed by group qualifying for Penn Ohio Pro Stocks and a King of the Hill.  Saturday will have heat races, last chance qualifier B Mains, a non-qualifier feature and the 75-lap A Main.  Homak Penn Ohio Series powered by Can-am members will earn points for the touring series, as well as 35 bonus points for the weekly series.  It is not too late to register for the event if you haven’t already done so.  Visit the Penn Ohio website: 2022 Steel Valley Pro Stock Nationals Registration.
Below is a list of pre-registered drivers:  
Current sponsors of the 2022 Steel Valley Pro Stock Nationals:
If interested in contributing to the biggest pro stock event of the 2022 season, contact Shaun Hooks at 724-730-1623.